Post-Sandy Update – 10/31/12

Transportation: I received a question earlier about accessibility of BPC — yes, the West Side Highway is open and the streets here are all clear. The City has said the FDR is open, but the underpass coming from the FDR to West St. is completely underwater, so you would have to go around the Ferry and Bowling Green and come into BPC from the south.

400 Gateway: Roseanne from Gateway Management told me that they had workers go door-to-door in the building this afternoon to see who was there. Although the power is still off, they are going to try and pull power from another building (I was told) to get one elevator running. This may or may not work — I will post an update on Thurs. when I hear either way.

Food: We had a lot of food for the 400 building residents in the 600 lobby this evening, and gave out  water and batteries, in addition. On Thurs. at 8am, we will be setting up coffee and some breakfast food (muffins, croissants, etc.) in the 600 lobby; then we will be setting up dinner there again around 6pm — we have asked our neighbors to contribute food, so there should be more than enough for anyone from 400 who wants to share a meal.

Supplies:We gave out some water, as well as C and AA batteries this evening in the 600 lobby; we will continue to do so tomorrow morning and evening. Also, we will check with the doorman in 400 after 12pm to see if anyone has left a request for specific items they need, and hopefully can help you with.

Feel free to email me (Honey Berk) with any questions, and I’ll try and get you whatever answers I can.

Take care.