Blankets Needed + Co-Working Spaces

Julie Menin has sent out the following update with recovery info:

Many of you have been asking about ways you could continue to help the relief efforts and provide supplies. We have received urgent requests from many buildings in Lower Manhattan that house a significant senior population with no heat who need blankets by tonight. If you can donate blankets and  drop them off, please email us and we will provide you with a location that needs it today.

In addition, we have have arranged for temporary office space at the following locations to assist the many small businesses that have been displaced:

92Y Tribeca at 200 Hudson Street

Tribeca Film Institute at 32 6th Avenue

I want to extend my thanks to the 92YTribeca and the Tribeca Film Institute for doing this, and please email me if you are interested in using the space.

For additional information on ways to volunteer and donate, the Manhattan Borough President’s office has set up the following blog:

You can also find information on co-working spaces at the Sandy Coworking Crowdmap.