Post-Sandy Info for BPC Residents – 10/31/12

We are going to start posting info for BPC residents that need to know the status of the neighborhood post-Sandy — particularly residents of 400 Gateway Plaza, which is one of the only two buildings (the other being The Ritz and associated residences) that has no power.

A group of Gateway residents representing the BPC Neighbors Network, BPC Cares and BPC Cert met earlier today to make a plan to help the residents of 400 Gateway. The first step was to try and assess if there are people staying, or if most people have left to stay elsewhere. It seems as though, from the residents we spoke with in the lobby, that there are a lot of people staying for the duration.

First, we know this is a stressful situation but pls. try to keep calm. There are a lot of us who care and who are trying to advocate on your behalf and make sure your situation is secure and your needs are taken care of, so know that we’ve got your back!

Power: Last written update from Gateway Management stated that it could be 3-5 days before power returns to the 400 building.

Electronics Charging: There are power strips set up in the 600 building for cell phone and laptop charging. If you need something printed or some other tech need, pls. let us know.

Bathrooms: There are a number of vacant apartments in the 500 and 100 buildings that have been designated for resident use for toilets and showering. The most current list is posted in the 400/500 lobby.

Supplies: Volunteers have gone to Costco to pick up some water and other supplies, and we have asked other residents (with power) to donate their flashlights, batteries and candles. If you can donate, there are collection bags with the doorman in the 400/500 lobby. If there is something in particular you need, pls. leave a note with the doorman.

Food: If you would like a hot meal this evening, pls. join us for a pot luck supper in the lobby of the 600 building at 6pm (Weds., 10/31). If you live in a building with power, pls. bring food to share with your neighbors!

Stores: Both Gristede’s are open, as is Battery Place Market on Battery Pl., Bulls & Bears, Picasso Pizza, Inatesso. Gigino’s is delivering, according to a flier in the 600 lobby. Vince Smith hair salon is also open.

Pets: The Battery Park City Veterinary Hospital is open, though their phones don’t work. Just go down there if your pet needs any sort of medical attention. Le Pet Spa is also open.

Elderly/Disabled: We are concerned that there may be elderly or disabled residents who may need help, so if you know of anyone on your floor or in the building, pls. try and check on them, and let us know so we can make sure their situation is monitored.

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